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Business Transition Consulting

Reaching High Performance

Welcome to BTC

BTC helps your company raise its performance in core operations.  We are a specialty consulting firm that works with a seasoned management team to build first quartile business capabilities. 


What’s the difference between BTC and other integrators? 

BTC has very experienced industry experts that team with you to update and transition the business.  We have heard from executives that the ‘big bang’ of transformation is a painful process that often does not deliver the desired outcomes. Our approach is creating smaller, iterative projects that transition the business logically – so that employees eagerly engage in the processes and technology they need to get their job done. The outcome is measurably higher performance by a team that prides itself on a job well done. Our well-balanced business integration methodology blends all the piece parts (process, technology and all the dynamics of the people) to support your workforce to do its best day in and day out.

How we can help?

Find your NorthStar - We facilitate your team building the business strategy and direction for your business unit.  What are the key trends that are affecting your business? What is driving you to change and become better? How do you upgrade those capabilities and what is the payoff?

Being Excellent at the Business of the Business - it is proven that excellent processes drive the results that the team can be proud of.  They know it so well it becomes the special sauce that gives them a competitive advantage 

Take out the overhead with tech - When you lay the track with process, you make it faster and easier with the right amount of technology.  It's an enabler to cut the overhead and reduce the extra steps needed to bring the business activities together.

People are your greatest asset - They can take charge of change and grow their abilities and be the envy of the industry.

Business Integration

Everything you do is integrated into the whole and the result is performance

Business Integration pic_edited.jpg


Everything you do is integrated together and the result is performance

Business Models

Industry Leading Capability Models and Operating Models 

Capability Design

We work seamlessly with your people to build the business capability specifications for high performance

Build and Test

BTC will work with business leaders to establish the team of internal Business Owners

Roll Out

Training and skills to make the team confident to succeed

Built-in Performance

Measures and targets are built right into the solution so the team can check their progress

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End to end Integration


Technology Lite 

Performance Dashboard


What our clients are saying...

“[BTC] has done a comprehensive job helping with the design which allows the implementation to be well understood and achievable”

- Senior Vice President, Operations

The training materials were very high quality, the best I have seen in many years” - Senior Manager

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