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Client Experiences

BTC and its team members have worked extensively with clients across North America. These are some of the projects we have been involved with, and what our clients had to say. 

Client Quotes

“In my experience, there are more horror stories about “big transformations” gone bad than there are successes. Steady and precision improvements are less risky and align with our strategy of consistent improvement rather than big bang”  - CEO

“[BTC] has done a comprehensive job helping with the design which allows the implementation to be well understood and achievable” - Senior Vice President, Operations

“The training materials were very high quality, the best I have seen in many years” - Senior Manager

“This project has been the best experience of my career” - Team Member

Case Studies

Business Unit Consolidation

A company with 6500 employees needed to simplify operations and consolidate the core operations. BTC assisted by developing a new operating model that created a standard work management model that included all major asset types. Employees that have skills to work on individual asset groups were re-organized with a mobile workforce for specialty work. A set of new and standard processes were developed and enabled by a single set of tools to improve productivity. 

Merger and Acquisition

This rapidly growing company has more than quadrupled in their market capitalization by making strategic acquisitions. Their strategy is to create a uniform operations model and leverage scale across the enterprise. BTC played a role in the program management of the post-merger integration of the acquired companies and assisted with the deployment of the standard operations capabilities model for future deals.

Signing a Contract
Image by Sincerely Media


This company had lost the ability to execute uniformly key operations processes across 8 geographic units. After helping to develop a blueprint operating model, BTC led the project to create key capabilities and enable employees to learn the processes and skills to execute the work uniformly using built-in performance measures for continuous improvement. To empower employees, BTC helped build ‘24x7’ on-demand training materials to ensure people had the confidence to do the work as designed. The new training was considered ‘a first’ for the organization as a ‘just-in-time’ job aid.

Technology Lite

Material changes to workflow are supported by some technology to help create a systematic, consistent and highly repeatable approach. Often even minor changes are difficult to organize with large internal IT organizations. BTC helped this company develop a ‘low code/no code solution’ to enable key processes. BTC worked with ‘front line’ personnel to design the apps which were developed in short order to help with mission critical business activities.

Storm Restoration Apps


A large Canadian utility recognized the need to make improvements to its restoration capabilities which involved many processes across several business units. BTC designed applications to improve the performance of their collective activities and optimize restoration efforts. Here are some snapshots of the applications we developed to improve outage, response, and resource management.

Response Management

Resource Management

Outage Management

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