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Our Services

BTC is a full services firm to help your company affirm your strategy and move from the vision conception through to design and roll-out to realize shareholder value.  We have experienced consultants bringing the right skills at the right time, including strategists, solution architects, change management, training developers and technologists.  We work with your team to build the vision and the capabilities to achieve the bottom-line results.

Business Integration

We bring the methods to bring together the people, process, technology and infrastructure to make the business change reality


We can attract more customers by delivering the service on their schedule


What is driving us to change?

What direction do we take?

What capabilities do we need to succeed?

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These are steps we need to go through

What are the business activities we must follow?


Who will do them and how do we use teamwork?


These are the skills and training we need!

What do I need to learn?


What will I do differently?


What results will I achieve?


These are the applications we will use!

How do I pick the best app?

How do I integrate it into my company?


Leading Business Models

The question of what to change is answered by developing a “blueprint” that describes the core business activities and how they should be conducted.  We reference industry leading models to identify what could be adopted for the business and work with the team to innovate to address the unique aspects of your company’s business environment.  We avoid the pitfalls of adoption of other companies' best practices – when they are not right for your operations.

Business Models

Capability Design ​

BTC will work with business leaders who own the new capabilities to establish the team of internal Business Owners and Process Owners to update, redesign or in some cases create key processes enabled with existing and new technologies and prepare the workforce in order to elevate performance.

Capability Design

Build and Test ​

Integrating the new business capability requires a refresh for all elements of the solution.  Proper testing will ensure it will work as planned.  More importantly, BTC will take your people through a full business simulation test, so they are ready and confident when the change is incorporated into everyday work.

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Build and Test
Growing Tomato Plants


All projects need a transition plan of varying intensity to ensure that people are trained, and the organization is properly prepared. When changes go live, it is critical that the team is prepared with instruction-led training as well as self learning available 24/7 for a quick refresh on ‘how to’ be successful. BTC prepares the transition plan that leads to smooth adoption of the capabilities so people can be at their best!

Roll Out
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