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We combine our expertise with your team’s direct input to create software solutions that align with your business objectives while assuring timely implementation, easy accessibility and cost savings. We will support you for as long as you need after implementation to ensure that the technology functions as expected.    

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End to end Integration

BTC’s solution and technical architects reduce the overhead for your operations team members by having the right data in their hands at the right time.  Once the business process is confirmed, our team will go to work to eliminate the hand-offs and choke points.  In many instances, entire legacy applications can be eliminated which will save the line of business time and money.


Different operations teams have grown up with different technology – desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.  BTC has developed software that works on multiple platforms seamlessly within the enterprise architecture so that it can be used effectively both in the field and back in the office.  We are finding the need for operations crews to have an app quickly accessed on the phone rather than fumbling with laptops in their vehicle and it's safer too!

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Technology Lite 

The best software solutions are developed when primary end-users are involved in design, testing and implementation to capture what they need to do their work. BTC uses an enterprise quality tool using the low code/no code approach to quickly develop prototypes with front line users and deploy them quickly. Operations employees have direct input and see the solution working without the backlog delays with large IT projects translating to a more timely implementation and cost savings.

Performance Dashboard

BTC can improve your company’s ability to visualise performance by creating dashboards that provide real-time statuses of work being conducted. Having this information real-time will improve communication between Lines of Business and help allocate resources more efficiently.


During implementation, your team expects support during and after Go Live. BTC will assist after your transition begins, planning and working to ensure that the technology functions as expected, anticipating and fixing problems that arise, and building enhancements when you need them. BTC will prepare the software to go into ‘production’ and partner with Operations and IT after Go Live. BTC will leave you feeling confident about your new capabilities, so everything works as planned. 

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